Those days of saving for your favourite car are no longer valid. You don’t have to sacrifice on your savings and compromise on your lifestyle to buy the car desired by you. There are many ways to acquire the automobile of your choice.

These days, most companies offer car loans against the security or asset owned by you. Now, that’s sounds quite an easy thing to do rather waiting for long to hear from the bank on the car loans. In this article, we have helped you understand the various perks of picking up your car against the car pledge[จํานํารถ, which is the term in Thai].

What you need to know about car pledging?

All you can do is visit the company, fill a form, and avail the car ownership!That sounds like a three simple step forbuying a car isn’t it?

Car pledging is nothing but an understanding between the company and you that you will buy the car making the instalments easier for you in return of some security. Few things that you must be aware of other than filling the form are as follows:


Once you have filled the form, the company quickly evaluates your asset and does a background check on the same. Instead of waiting for the bank to do the same, they consider it on their own and get the formalities completed in less time.

Time period:

Once you have acquired the car, the time period to pay the instalments begins. Technically, most companies keep a slab of usually 18 to 60 months depending on the type of vehicle purchases by you and the assets disclosed.


Documents are exchanges for assets and car acquisition. You must check everything clearly and ask for any doubts you have to the company. It is to ensure that you are taking a rational decision and there is no confusion on the mutual agreement.


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