Car seat covers are one of the most pivotal accessories you should think of as they do not only embellish the décor of the vehicle, but also provide safety and assuages. Car seat covers prevent the seats of your new vehicle from a lot of pollutants and other harmful particles causing your car seats dirt, stains, and wear and tear. There are a large variety of car seat covers that are accessible in different designs, styles, colours, and fabrics. You can buy car seat covers online or from any local store too.

Type of car seat covers in the UK

  • Custom-fit seat covers

Custom-fit seat covers are one of the most common options people tend to go with. These can be easily customized as per the requirements of the buyer. Accessories such as seat belts, ergonomic controls, headrests, and airbags are never of any hindrance in the customization of the seat covers.

  • Semi-custom seat covers

Semi-custom seat covers are the cheaper option compared to the custom hawaiian car seat covers UK, and they also fit all seats of a particular model of vehicle. Nonetheless, these must not be used on vehicles that have side-impact airbags.

  • Universal seat covers

Universal seat covers usually suit almost all types of car seats. They are very common on the market as their prices are relatively cheaper. In addition to this, universal seat covers are very simple to use, but they won’t fit well on your car seats. This can however cause some discomfort and insecurity to your driving experience.

Some factors that you must consider while buying car seat covers in the UK

  • You need to make sure that the covers are synchronized with the interior of the vehicle.
  • You must choose convenient, immune from stains and washable seat covers to prevent a high level of hassles in the future.
  • You should prioritize padded seat covers if you drive for a long journey or on damaged roads frequently.
  • You must choose the seat covers that best suit your vehicle. For instance, if your car is with a side impact airbag or seat headrest, then you should go with universal or semi-custom seat covers.
  • If you have the tendency to change the seat covers for your vehicle on a frequent basis, then you should go with the cost-effective options.
  • If you want seat covers to last longer or to increase the interior décor of your car, you should go with the best quality leather or cotton seat covers.

Most importantly, you should choose the material or fabric carefully as there are a large variety of seat cover materials like neoprene, velour, leather, tweed, ballistic nylon, saddle blanket, cotton, etc.

Car seat Cover Fitting types

  • Bucket Fitting

This type of fitting is specifically designed in accordance with the curve of the original seat. Bucket-fit car seat covers are preferably used for the cosy fitting. The reason behind this is that the seat covers for all models are tailor-made according to the shape and curves of the original seat. 

  • Neo Fitting

Usually designed for people having an active lifestyle. The designs with velour fitting are never being restricted by the limitations of the original seats which ultimately make them a robust option. 

  • Regular Fitting

Regular fitting design is a maintenance-free option. These covers can be cleaned and removed with ease and are perfect for toddlers.

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