Uber is a ride-hailing service that ordinary people can use as a livelihood for both part-time and full time. Its a decent living with a good income that can make anyone quit their job to be an Uber driver. It’s perfect for people that want a more flexible job and people that want to be on the road for the most part of their days.

The main requirement is you owning a car and that is where the issues of some people are stemming from. For the most part because of the emergence of various financing and bank schemes to own a car, owning it is cheaper and if you plan to use it for Uber that can cover the expenses of the vehicle that you just bought. The problem is not about owning a vehicle but putting it in tip-top shape every time to fit with Uber .

You can’t just drive any car: It’s kind of great if you can actually drive classic vintage cars that are well maintained or got pimped by the world-famous west coast customs. Although that might be a really awesome proposition. It’s not allowed in its normal offering. You need to at least have a car that is in the year 2000 or higher. In their premium lines, it’s higher than cars in the year 2000. So if you got john wick’s car, forget it.

Hatch is not hot: Hatchbacks and smaller cars were allowed by Uber in some selected countries, but as Uber is slowly setting up standards for their practice, its disappearing slowly. So if you plan to be an Uber and you happen to have a hatch like the Veloster, honda civic hatch, Toyota Yaris and the likes, sorry mate your car can’t be an Uber. Other notable requirements:

Current registration

No out of state plates

Driver has no bad driving history

Has insurance

Take care of your car: If you actually fit the thing that Uber needs based on the things mentioned above, there are other stuff that will make or break your decision to ever joining Uber and that is car ownership. It might feel like there’s nothing wrong with owning a car and that’s correct. The only thing is that you have to deal with car insurance, car maintenance, car repairs, car wash, and car modifications. Although car mods are unnecessary and repairs isn’t daily, but you do have to expect it especially maintenance and repairs since its periodical and you will need to make sure that your ride is in tip-top shape.

Uber is a dream job for most people, but there are things that will slap you back to the reality that you can’t be one. One of those realities is owning an actual vehicle. Why? Because there are things that you need to spend on periodically like insurance and maintenance. Not to mention repairs and modification as deemed necessary. Aside from those, you have to deal with Uber’s minimum requirements in order for your car to be considered. But there‚Äôs a way to get past all of that and that is by Uber car hire, an Uber Rental Australia service that can help you become an Uber driver minus the hassle. Learn more about it through the link.

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