The towing companies are responsible for towing the malfunctioned car from place to another. They help their client who stuck at somewhere just because their car got the breakdown. The towing service will arrive at the destination where the car is stuck. If the car comes under light commercial vehicle then Slide-on car [รถสไลด์ออน, which is the term in Thai] is offered by the towing company. The slide truck will arrive at the destination to pick the car. And after putting the car to the flatbed area of slide truck. The car will be tightly fit to the slide truck so, that it doesn’t get dropped in the mid-way.

After doing all the safety procedures the car will be dropped to the client’s location. Just call them and they will arrive to tow the car no matter what time it is.

Towing companies also offer towing service for big bikes

The towing companies not only tow cars but also provide service for towing bigbike [รถยกมอเตอร์ไซค์ big bike, which is the term in Thai]. Because the towing services understand how much it is difficult to push those big bikes. And suppose if there is some kind of break jam occurred and the bike can’t move. Then it becomes much more difficult to push the bike. In that case, the towing service is there for help. They will come and pick up those muscular bikes and drop it to the nearest mechanic shop.

The vehicle is safe with them

The towing company make sure the owner of the vehicle that their vehicle is safe with them. There will be no additional damage happen to the vehicle while putting on or off from the slide truck. So, just trust them and let them do their work.

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