If you are changing your residence to a distant location then you will need the services of a trusted company, who will transport your car to your destination in the safest possible manner.

However, nowadays many scams are reported in this kind of service, hence before you choose any car transport company, you must be very careful and prefer a reputed company like Ship a Car, Inc. that offers superior shipping service to people while relocating their vehicles.

Following are few tips to ensure that you have chosen a right company for transporting your car.

  • Do thorough research about shipping company

Before you select any company for this kind of services, you must do thorough research about the company and also learn about their reputation in the market. Ensure that you are hiring a registered and licensed company.

  • You must inspect the car in your presence

While handing over the car as well as while taking possession of your car at the destination, you must get it inspected thoroughly in your presence. This is to ensure that nothing is missing from your car and no damage is done in your car.

  • Check license and insurance details of car transporting company

Before you select any car transport company, you must check their license papers as well as their insurance details very carefully. It is important to ensure that their license or insurance is not expired.

  • Read reviews about transporter

If the company you have chosen is known for this business then you can certainly find plenty of reviews written about them, which may be both negative and positive. By reading them you can get a clear picture about the company’s professionalism.

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  • Know about direct carrier 

Often in such cases brokers may contact you instead of the actual carrier company who is going to deliver you the service. So, you must know full details about the actual carrier before you make your final decision.

  • Know the cost

You must ask for written quotation from the company along with their terms and condition. Make sure that there is no ambiguity between their verbal assurances and what is actually assured in writing.

  • Be suspicious if asking too low price

If you notice the price quoted by the transport company is far below as compared to the prevailing market price then, it can be a cause of suspicion. You may directly ask them for the reason and fully satisfy yourself about the reliability of the company.

  • Know about insurance

Check the details about the insurance provided by them and make sure that it fully covers the entire liabilities that are needed for your car.

  • Know the name of driver  

It will be nice to know the full details about the driver of the transporting company so that you can directly contact him in case it is needed to know the actual location of your car.

  • Know which documents are needed

You must possess all the necessary documents needed for transporting your car.

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