Kia started the journey as a tube and bicycle part manufacturer and nowSeltos being Kia’sfirst ‘made in India’ car is setting the new benchmark in the compact SUV industry and we can’t keep ourselves from sharing everything that’s brilliant about it! Though the list is long we will try to keep this article focused on features and price that makes it the most competitive in the already oozing market.

Firstly, this line of Kia cars is being offered in two trims – the Tech Line and the GT line – former being a more posh option with luxurious interiors and sophisticated styling, while latter is a sporty trim. Kia spoils you here with its variant and diverse color tones. Each of these trims will have numerous variants depending on the engine type (in total, Kia is offering 16 variants of Seltos). You can choose from eight color variations and five dual-tone options. 

What has really raised the standards of the segment is Seltos’ cabin, with its high-end material and tech-savvy functionality. This infotainment loaded car has a 10.2-inch screen placed in the top-spec and can support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation and other touchscreen functions. Buzz creator, first in segment feature is Kia’s new Smart Pure Air – an inbuilt air purifier. The rear screen also tells the reading of the air quality index. Another screen in the car is the 7-inch head-up display which tells you torque and turbo outputs, tire pressure, live readings, fuel economy, and driving range.

Seltos has two petrol, and one diesel engine variants and all of them are BS6 compliant. There are three different drivetrains, surprisingly; each comes with a choice of manual and automatic transmission.

The steering of Kia cars rolls extremely smooth, widely catering to the Indian audience. In the sports mode, however, it gets a bit stiff to accommodate the sporty needs. As per expert reviews, the drive quality is setting the new benchmarks of comfort, especially for the backseat passengers.

For 1.4 GDI trim, Kia claims a mileage of 16.5 kmpl (auto) and 16.1 kmpl (manual). Both petrol and diesel engines of 1.5L make 113 bhp. Power is available even at low rpm, which makes the city drives extremely convenient. Clutch and gear shift are light and easily accessible.

Kia Seltos price in India is ranged in an affordable and convenient spectrum. It starts at 9.69Lacs and the topmost variant goes up to 15.99Lacs.

These new Kia cars are also embellished with additional features such as mood lighting, ventilated seats, sunroof, electronically powered drivers’ seat, wireless mobile charging point, climate control, embedded sim, and Bose sound systems.The upcoming Kia car price range varies from 8Lacs (Rio), 9Lacs (Stonic and Ceed), 10 Lacs (Soul), and so on. One of the highest-priced new Kia cars is Stinger, which is expected to launch in April of 2021, starting price of which is 50 Lac.

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