Are you and your fiancé in love with Victorian art and architecture? Is it because of this passion that you plan to go for a destination wedding in the theme of a period-architecture? If your venue is an old castle in the UK, go for Vintage Car Hire Manchester services for you and your fiancé. Imagine you both alighting from the Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible looking like the fairy tale King and Queen! Isn’t it just outstanding? Seek these convertible vintage cars from the reputed firm like Aces Car Hire. 

Vintage Cars for Themed Weddings or Contemporary Couture Weddings

Right from the time the car cruises to the venue, you will find photographers and Instagram-happy guests taking selfies with it. As a classy convertible, the antique-factor only makes it even more drool-worthy. You may hire the same for taking your guests to the venue if you feel that everyone in your family and close-friends to be of equal importance. 

You might also want to look out for other options like Rolls Royce Ghost or Rolls Royce Phantom if you want a modern and bold look to arrive at the venue. Contemporary-themed weddings prefer going for such models to get a perfect feel. 

Vintage cars have a sense of timelessness, making them an ideal choice in case of any 17th or 18th century period wedding theme. 

Heightening the Glamour Quotient of Artsy Wedding Theme

Complementing the décor and opulence in the entire theme associated with castles and architecture is the Haute looks of Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible. This vintage vehicle gets a soft top to pull up or down and use as per the weather at the time of your wedding. The red-dyed leather trims are hand-stitched to contrast white exteriors. The chrome fittings match the overall looks perfectly. The signature style of Beauford manages to enthral everyone since 1971. The chic design and smooth cruising abilities make it a top choice for fulfilling your destination-wedding theme. 

Many people have a dream to get married in Gothic castles or castles and venues that are slightly off-beat. Ensure going for the best Vintage car hire Manchester service from Aces Car Hire firm in the UK for a timely and period-themed wedding.

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