French tire company Michelin, are experts in production, designing and distribution of quality tires in both the international and local scene. They offer one of the best services in the tire production market which highlights its reliability as well as its reputation across the continent and beyond.

Michelin tires deals in bicycles, luxury cars, motorcycles, and both heavy and light-duty trucks.  Each and every variant possess undoubted quality and style which are affordable and accessible.

Michelin tires dubai al quoz are renowned for good grip, power, wet braking and traction. They have also successfully reached and exceeded the expectations of tire technology and standards. This makes their brands safe, durable, and trust-worthy. Michelin tyres is indeed, one of the best choices for any weather or situation of UAE and any part of the world.  

Michelin are also compatible with numerous car models like Toyota, Ferrari, Peugeot, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volvo cars. 

Over the last 50 years, Michelin have also won many victories in racing and endurance competitions such as MotoGP , Formula 1, and other international competitions. This makes them influential in tire marketing sales and standards.  They are one of the biggest suppliers of tire production in Asia, Europe, Africa and across the United States. 

The brand has been able to successfully achieve remarkable standards in style and designs. BAZ Technology has been applied to their products which is evident from the spiral style strips for excellent texture and quality. It also improves agility and balance for seamless driving experience in both pedestrian roads and off-track terrains.

Michelin tires also introduced the “EverGrip” technology that has been implemented so as to avoid tearing and wearing. The durability of your tire life is also improved to ensure customer satisfaction. 

 “Zero Pressure Technology” is another one of the remarkable innovations applied by Michelin to enable their tires achieve load bearing even with the absence of air pressure.

The company then ensures the presence of tour guides and road for many countries across the globe. The series has as a result, become a highly important innovation in tire production in modern day markets.


Below is a list of categories in Michelin products and their respective variants:-

Energy Series Energy XM2, Energy Saver XL & MO
Primacy Primacy 3 & 4, Primacy SUV, 3ST, 3ZP, 3AO DTI, MXM4, MXV4, 3 AO, 3ZP MOE
Agilis Product
Pilot Series Michellin Pilot Super Sport, Pilot Super Sport MO, MO1 & 3 MO

Pilot Sport 4, PS2 N3, HX MXM4, PS2 N1, PS2 N4, 4 AO, 4S, 4 SUV, PS2 N2, CUP 2

Latitude Series Latitude Sport, Sport 3, 3 NO, 3 N1, 3 VOL, 3 MO, Latitude Cross & Cross DT 

Latitude Tour HP N1, HP, HP J-LR

LT A/S Product
LTX M/S 2 Product

Michelin tires can easily be found in the best tyre shop in Sharjah for the perfect choice for your car. Also contact the customer care numbers for more information on making a purchase today.

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