When you rent a car there come many benefits attached to it. Yet some of the other benefits you can add if needed. The Company asks for your preferences. Insurance is one of them. A car hire company’s staffs ask whether you want the car insurance. There are certain things you should consider before you buy or deny it.

The car rental insurance covers most of the possible threats during the period of you avail the services. Such as Car repairs, loss, theft, accidents, etc. Likewise, there could be many more covers attached to this one packages insurance. Make an informed decision whether you require the cover. A quick visit to the following parameters will help you do so. Let’s look.

  1. The amount of cover

Every Insurance has a certain amount of cover. Beyond that amount, the company is not liable to pay. Confirm the amount. If you find the cover is less, you can ask for extra cover with a payment. Yet, it’s the company’s decision if they allow extra cover within the limits of their policy.

  1. Know who all are covered

To know who gets cover from the insurance you are buying is of utmost importance. If you have a co-passenger with you, try getting cover for them. Many times the car renting company provides cover to the driver only. Ask them what will happen if you have another driver with you and you switch your driving.

  1. Size and make of Auto matters

A few vehicles fall under a standard insurance policy. Be clear before you zero down on any insurance policy. Cargos, Trucks and other such vehicles may not have such privileges. If you are renting some luxury car, you better protect yourself with a good cover to give you peace of mind. Click here to know more.

  1. The period of Cover

Most of the time a car hire companies covers the insurance for certain consecutive days only. Afterward, you need to renew the policy. Your situation might be different. For example, If you are hiring a car for a longer duration, you might need to take your car to the company within 2 days or maybe in 24 hours to get your policy renewed. The company might ask you to take another car instead of taking the same one. So you tell all the details about the services you are expecting.

  1. Non Cover zone or countries

Not every part of the area you might travel have the cover. Every insurance companies have a pre-defined area till the cover works, beyond that there cover doesn’t apply. Ask the company about the noncoverage zone or countries.

  1. The Third Party Liability

A third party cover is a cover provided against the damage or loss incurred because of a third party or to the party by you. Your car might get a dent or collides for negligence or speeding of another car. This also covers the injury or death involves because of the accident. Besides, collateral damage gets covered in the insurance. This is a vast subject. The guiding law and the insurance companies’ terms and conditions matter. When you are renting a car in a different country know of what does the country’s laws say. Ask as more question as you need. Clear your doubts.

  1. Extension of your rental services

There are possibilities that you extend your trip. Now you need to extend the car rental services as well. What are the chances to extend your car rental insurance? Is it possible or not? If possible then to what time. What and who all will be covered? Whether it will be more pricy than usual. What is the process to extend your car rental insurance? Check all such information before you extend your rental services. You might not be willing to continue your trip in the absence of proper insurance coverage.


Car rental Insurance is one thing you could add to your rental services. As we discussed, that every persons’ traveling situation is different, so does the insurance. Ask questions, check your personal auto insurance covers and clear your doubts. Decide on a budget and then conclude.

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