Last week, I acquired a bike. It’s the most effective choice I have made in a long time. Economical, balanced and healthy, basic, as well as every little thing in between, my bike is the embodiment of this website and my penny-wise trip. After two weeks of riding, I determined to write the few unexpected advantages of getting a bike. Appreciate!

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The breeze is blowing through my safety helmet, cooling my scalp. Sometimes I release the handlebars and feel free; albeit, for shorter periods than when I was a youngster. It’s been also time out of mind I competed for my self-pressing to arrive of a hillside faster or make that light.

Or, how about zooming down a hillside, with your head tucked, and chest near the handlebars? That thrill! Hands wrapped limited around the holds, holding on for dear life. It’s a physiological excitement that never gets old. My bike calls me to embark on a sidewalk or climb a hillside. There isn’t one course, just your course. Do not forget your safety helmet, youngster.


Last semester, when I had my car, I continually missed out on the bus. This timing and preparation mistake would always lead to an easy, yet expensive choice to drive. Even though the commute to college was just around 4 to 5 miles each way, that builds up truly fast.

The federal government suggests that driving expenses on average regarding 50 cents per mile, after your account for insurance, depreciation, gas, and so on. At that rate, I was shedding significant dough with my inadequate planning. Potentially, my commute would cost me concerning 165 baht round trip, as well as more when including vehicle parking, at 35 baht per hour.

This was a dripping part of my budget plan, as well as buying a bike covered that right up. I don’t have an excuse to drive. I never fret about missing the bus. I simply get on my bike!


Regardless of living about 4 to 5 miles from school, my bus commute takes around 25 minutes. I have expanded to like the path as well as bus, as it’s afforded me downtime and an opportunity to read. But now I get the best of both worlds: the bike takes around 10 minutes at the most, conserving me 15 minutes in commute time, as well as uses reflective exercise. The added time is now mine to take pleasure in.

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