Driveways enhance the look and usability of a property be it a residential or commercial. When it comes to asphalt driveways, there are some important elements that affect their reliability and longevity. A good asphalt driveway installation is important, especially for commercial properties because it makes the investment worthwhile. Additionally, it safeguards pedestrians and drivers coming in and out of the premises by ensuring potholes and other dangers aren’t present on the road.

Aesthetically, proper asphalt installation on your driveway is essential because it enables a commercial to look prioritized and professional. In this post, we have explained 5 key elements of a good paving installation.

5 Important Elements of a Good Asphalt Driveway Installation

A Proper Foundation

A good foundation is the first element you must consider. If you want a perfect driveway installation, there has to be a durable subgrade and a solid aggregate base. Mostly, issues happen during installation projects like these if the subgrade isn’t stabilized properly.

For instance, if the ground has a lot of soft wet clay, your contractor has to get rid of this clay or cover it with a strong stone foundation to reinforce the ground surface. If the contractor doesn’t do any of this, it can make your driveway buckle, crack, crumble, and experience an ever-increasing deterioration.

Good Drainage

Water is one of the threats to concrete and asphalt driveways. Therefore, proper drainage system must be put in place during the installation of your asphalt driveway. Water has to drain away from the edges of the driveway, instead of collecting or amassing on top of it.

If your driveway lacks a slope, water won’t properly runoff the sides away from the pavement. Rather, the water will seep into the open crevices or poles of asphalt, which will likely leads to freezing, thawing, and expanding the driveway as time goes by. In the long run, that will lead to potholes, cracks, and crumbling.

Proper Supplies

Proper pavement mix must be used to pave your asphalt driveway. Failure to that, issues will happen. Weather and oxidation affect asphalt driveways. So, your contractor must utilize a proper type of mix of hot asphalt. Though opinions may differ from one Installation Company or Contractor to another on the best mix for such projects, asphalt driveway mixes ought to contain less air voids as compared to highway mixes.

They have to be, however, more binder. The mix should be a finer aggregate finish to ensure your pavement looks smoother and darker.

Routine Maintenance

Once the asphalt driveway pavement project is completed, the work doesn’t stop there. Routine maintenance throughout the year is important to ensure the longevity of your driveway. That includes daily sweeping to remove debris, power washing, cracks repair, seal-coating, and more. Your professional contract will advise you on proper maintenance practices for your asphalt driveway.

Hire Reliable Contractor

It’s highly recommended that you work with a licensed, bonded and insured contractor to ensure proper construction practices and quality workmanship. Your contractor should be liable for any issues or defects during the installation process. Additionally, proper workmanship ensures a proper job. Highly trained and experienced paving contracts can offer this kind of work to residential and commercial property owners.

Final Thought

Asphalt is perfect for any property because it has a lifespan of 15 to 30 years. However, you get what you pay for. With that, you must hire a reliable and well-known contractor to install your driveway. Since asphalt is amazingly flexible, it’s far less likely to crack or get stains, which makes it an excellent choice for your property.

If you’re considering an asphalt driveway to boost the value or appeal of your property, then you shouldn’t hesitate to look for a good contractor to help you with the asphalt driveway installation. By so doing, you’ll benefit a great deal, especially if you’re planning to sell your property in future.

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