Wondering why anyone would buy a car that is damaged? A damaged car can be burden to you as you may have to spend some cash on initial repairs, but what if the car is badly damaged and trying to recover it would cost a bomb? An economical solution would be to sell your car to Anytime Cash for Cars, as they offer immediate cash in return for your damaged car! A damaged car is of no use to you, but can be of good worth to someone else. Once you sell your damaged car, it goes through different procedures at a wrecking yard that puts your damaged car to use in different ways. There are numerous eco-friendly procedures that are carried out by car wreckers that help you discard and dispose of your car in a responsible manner.


Here Is What Happens To Your Damaged Car After You Sell It To Anytime Cash for Cars:

Removal Of Liquids:

Once your damaged car reaches the yard, the first step is that all types of liquids such as oil, fuel, coolants, etc. are taken out from the car and are either recycled, sold or reused in other vehicles. This is an important step that prevents leakage of liquids while the car gets further dismantled.  The batteries, tyres and some other parts are also removed at this stage. All parts are then removed one by one.

Removal Of Spare Parts:

Once all the liquids are drained out the car is then dismantled to remove any good working parts. The tyres, seats, steering wheels and all big parts are taken out first so that they can be reused and recycled. Even though the car maybe damaged there are still parts that work perfectly. Instead of dumping the vehicle each part is dismantled and checked for use. All the parts are tested and evaluated then sent to be sold as used or second-hand spare parts. The rest of the materials are recycled.

Crushing The Vehicle:

After all the parts are removed and liquids are drained the vehicle is then ready for crushing. The vehicle is crushed and shredded in order to remove the steel and other metals which are then recycled after being broken down into smaller bits. Steel is the world’s most recycled material and cars contain large amounts of steel that can be recycled which reduces the environmental impact of extracting it from scratch.

This process of car disposal is environment friendly, economical for customers and beneficial for car wreckers. Anytime Cash for Cars follows all safety and environmental protocols that are laid down by the government. The company is environmentally and socially responsible. They offer high cash worth’s for damaged cars that are guaranteed to be the top rates in the market. A team of well-trained professionals guide you through the whole process!

In order to sell your vehicle, you need to follow three simple steps which are: asking for a quote for your vehicle, confirming the service, scheduling a pick up. Your damaged vehicle is picked up from any location in Sydney in less than 24 hours. The towing service is complimentary; the car is removed by well trained professionals who keep in mind all safety protocols for car removals. Even the paperwork is handled by the team. You can then get the cash for your damaged car straightaway without any long-drawn procedures.

Anytime Cash for Cars is a well-known reliable car removal company that is licensed and registered to buy junk, damaged, scrap, broken, used, old and unwanted vehicles which not only include cars but also vans, buses and trucks, from a large variety of brands. The process is transparent and customer friendly.

Your damaged car may seem to be of absolutely no use to you but if discarded responsibly through wrecking, it can be quite useful in several different ways giving life to other cars. What are you waiting for? Make that phone call and discard your car while doing your bit for the environment. For further enquiries you can get in touch with Anytime Cash for Cars at 0412525712 or log onto the website!

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