Your old car has broken down several times. You have bought spare parts so many times already that it feels more economical to buy a new car. So, do you sell your old car? Scrap it? Or just give it away?

Scrapping has been one of the most profitable ways to get rid of cars in Toronto. However, you must get a good deal to make the most out of car scrapping. To assist you, here are 4 secrets to getting the most out of scrap car removal in Toronto:

  1. Compare Prices

Various junkyards in Toronto have different prices. Call several junkyards and ask about their prices.  This will enable you to choose a scrap car removal that will help you make more money.

Also, you will realize that some yards charge you for pick up while others don’t. Some companies also pay you depending on the make and model of your car. Others consider only the weight of your vehicle. It is essential to consider all these factors and select a scrap car removal with the best terms to increase the chances of making more money from your old car.

  1. Sell The Source Of Power

The first thing you should do when you want to sell your car to scrap car removals in Toronto is to disconnect the power source of the car. The car battery should be easy to remove and even sell. A working battery can be sold on eBay or to car owners looking to replace their car battery.  You shouldn’t worry if your battery is dead. Some car dealers also buy dead batteries and recycle them.

  1. Remove The Basic Components

To most scrap car removal in Toronto, the value of your car is in the weight and not its accessories. Scraps or junkyards are not going to pay you more money just because your car has new tires or an expensive stereo system. So, it is advisable to remove the basic parts and sell them separately. If these parts are in good shape, then you are more likely to fetch better prices selling them separately.

New tyres are considerably easy to sell, and they can make you some good cash.  eBay is an excellent place to start selling your tyres. For the worn-out tyres, you can sell them to craft shops as they recycle them to produce other products.

You can also sell your radio or stereo system. A decent system will be easy to sell online, and it should bring in some good cash. Other things that you may consider to remove include seats, gearstick, seat covers, among others.

  1. Strip It Down

Once you are done removing the basic components, it’s time to strip your car down. The wiring should be your first target.  Most industries use copper wires, so you should be able to sell your wiring way quickly. You can sell the wires separately to junkyards or online. Be sure not to damage the wiring when stripping your car to maintain its value.

A good car engine is another component you can sell separately and fetch some good money.  There are many people on the internet looking for engines, so they tend to sell more quickly. You can get the best deals from car websites or your local auto classifieds.

With the secrets above, getting a good deal for scrapping your car in Toronto should be easy. You should be able to make more money with the tips above.

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