It is a fact that a car’s gearbox is one of the essential parts. Its correct operation determines your comfort and safety while driving. If you regularly conduct its services, you can significantly extend its resources. However, this does not always happen because of the use of low-quality oil or the wrong actions of a roadside car service centre in Mumbai.

When you need a complete oil change in an automatic transmission

The transmission fluid is the main component of the automatic transmission of any car. And let’s suppose if the engine oils need to be changed every  10-15 thousand miles,  then it should be serviced once for 60-80 thousand km for the automatic transmission. Although these figures can vary depending on the car’s brand, on average, fluid replacement in automatic transmissions is carried out every 80,000-90,000 km.

According to some car manufacturers, the automatic transmission oil change is unnecessary throughout the car’s entire service life. The regular explanation is as follows:  the transmission system is considered maintenance-free. However, the mechanics from the best car service center in Mumbai can easily confirm that despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, the oil in the box still needs to be changed.

This is true that there is a substantial time interval between the automatic transmission and internal combustion engine oil change. However, regular maintenance of the transmission will save you from paying for the expensive automatic transmission capital.

How to check if the transmission oil needs to be replaced?

To perform the full diagnostics of transmission oil, it is unnecessary to drain the oil. Car mechanics can take some samples from the automatic transmission, which takes some time. Next, they will send them to a car laboratory, which, within 48 hours, will provide data on the composition and condition of the liquid, including:

  • Fuel in oil;
  • Amount of water;
  • The quantity of metal wear products;
  • Amount of coolant in the composition;
  • The presence of silicon in the composition;

After getting the study results, the professional car mechanic will provide you with professional recommendations on the car’s operation. Also, if the repair prerequisites are identified, he can provide you with the timing and repairing cost.

Factors affecting transmission oil change intervals

  • Car type.
  • The intensity of usage.
  • Operating conditions.
  • MOT for a car under warranty and post-warranty car maintenance
  • The manufacturer’s recommendations for the use of transmission oil.

How to change the oil in an automatic transmission

In this case, we are talking about which of the methods you choose:

  1. Contact a reliable car service centre in Mumbai for work.
  2. Change the oil yourself at your own peril and risk.

Of course, this is a service procedure, and if you try to do it on your own, you can face some severe consequences. We will by no means recommend that you should engulf yourself in such business. Moreover, the price for oil change services in an automatic transmission in a good service will be affordable.

About the Company:

We at Getpitstop, are a multi brand car service centre, invite you to contact us for automatic transmission service. For making such kinds of repairs, we use only formulations recommended for use by the manufacturer of your vehicle brand.

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