Motorbikes are machines and like any other machine wear and tear is inevitable, however, through careful riding and maintenance of your bike, you can have your motorcycle running smoothly just like it used to when it was new without any major issues that may result in your motorcycle spending more time in the workshop than on the road, learn more. Here are a few ways to ensure your bike runs smoothly.

Keep the tyre pressure in check
Tyre pressure is vital for your tyres lifespan and its fuel efficiency. Your manufacturer has a recommended tyre pressure for your particular bike on your user manual. It is essential that you keep your tyres inflated to the recommended PSI to ensure a longer lifespan for your tyres and fuel efficiency for your bike. Professionals advise that you lower your tyre pressure when you are riding on sand or slippery roads.
Regularly change the engine oil of your bike
Engine oil cools, cleans and lubricates your engine ensuring that it is running smoothly. There are different engine oil grades for the motorbike, the grade of oil you use for your bike plays a significant role in ensuring the internal parts are running smoothly. Consult your user manual to know the oil grade to use for your motorbike. At fowlers parts, you will receive an appropriate oil change for your motorcycle depending on its grade by skilled technicians.

Be gentle on your bike
Your bike will perform according to how you maintain it. If you take care of it, it will run smoothly. Taking care of your bike does not only mean that you visit the mechanic every once in a while but rather when riding ride carefully, when braking, brake gently, accelerate steadily, turn smoothly and avoid going too fast on rough roads. When you are gentle on your bike, its parts will last longer saving you the need to visit the mechanic continually.
Ensure the chain is well fitted
Riding your bike with the chain either loose or too tight is dangerous. A loose chain reduces the mileage on your bike and could also result to damage on the chain casing. Having the chain too tight can lead to it snapping due to excess tension. If you are finding it hard to balance on the chain, consult your user manual or your mechanic.

Regularly check the brake fluid and brake pads
As time goes by, brake pads on your motorcycle wear out and get dirty. It is vital that you check them periodically and replace and clean them when need be. The braking fluid which is responsible for braking on your bike can also reduce, top it up every once in a while to ensure your brakes are working smoothly.
You do not need to be a mechanic to know that something is wrong with your bike, keep an eye on it, check it regularly for broken parts that need replacing and replace them. Schedule a maintenance routine where your mechanic will look at your bike thoroughly to determine if there are parts that need replacing. Scheduled maintenance will prevent your bike from developing major complications. At fowlers parts, you will have genuine parts from major manufacturers and skilled professionals to take care of your motorbike.

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