Having a clean car is a crucial part of every car’s maintenance. Be sure to visit Car Smart for any car cleaning products that you may need.

Though your car may look clean and be shining in the sun, you may notice that the trims and moldings are dirty upon closer inspection. Areas that usually deserves special attention and most car owners miss are the trims and molding of their car.

Trims are the spaces between certain lines in your car for example between the car doors. Moldings are decorative and protective elements such as bumpers. They can be made of rubber, plastic or vinyl.

They are usually made for functional purposes particularly protection so dirt accumulates in these places without car owners paying a lot of attention.

The following tips should help you clean the trims of your car:

Vacuum the Trims

If you want to effectively clean the trims of your car particular the plastic in the interior, you should vacuum your car. It will certainly make the job of cleaning the trims and moldings a lot easier.

Remove the floor mats first and any removable fabric before you start. Then proceed to vacuum the entirety of your car’s interior.

A normal house vacuum will do but a car vacuum cleaner is even better. A vacuum is a great solution for removing the dirt that gets stuck inside the tiny cracks and crevices of your car.

Use a Brush

If you want to clean the trims of your car effectively, you need a brush. You should ensure that it is a moderately soft brush whose bristles reach as far into the trim as possible.

A brush with long bristles when used alongside cleaning liquid and water will remove a lot of the dirt and grime that hides in these places. For more dexterity, you should a hand brush as it allows you to reach the hardest of places.

These hard to reach places and crevices usually carry a lot of dirt that gets ignored. the key is to never allow the dirt and grime to build up in these areas.

Remove Stains Quickly

Many parts of your car are prone to staining but the trim and moldings in particular are hard to remove stains from so you should remove them as swiftly as you can. The good news is that you don’t need much to remove the stains from trims.

You only need some soap, water and a damp microfiber towel to remove stains on your car’s trims. However, some stains are extremely cumbersome to remove and will require a commercial car plastic or a special trim cleaner.

The longer you let such stains accumulate on your car’s trims, the harder it becomes to remove them.

Use Protectors

There are several options for dressing the exterior trims of your car generally referred to as dressing protectors that will protect them from much of the damage to which other cars are exposed.

There are solvent based dressing protectors which usually last for long and there are water-based ones that are great for frequent use. Silicone-oil based dressing protectors are very common nowadays as well.

You can also choose the level of gloss you want the protector to give your car’s trims.

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