While you make use of your computer, it writes and reads data out of your hard disk almost constantly. Whenever a file is stored in your hard disk, Home windows places because the file as you possibly can within the first available section (known as a cluster), after which goes to another cluster to place the following area of the file. With time, your documents, files and applications are dispersed on your hard disk in disparate blocks the information in your hard disk is becoming ‘fragmented’.

Now, despite the fact that Home windows XP knows where things are, getting to leap round the drive finding all the parts can lengthen how long it requires to load programs, open documents and perform other operations.

To assist prevent this potentially time-consuming problem, you are able to defrag your disk, putting files in clusters as near to one another as you possibly can. Home windows will scan your hard disk, identify all the data stored on there after which re-order it so the files are held in a far more orderly fashion.

Defragmenting your hard disk is really a general-maintenance job that you ought to perform every couple of several weeks for the best results. Disk defragmenting could take time. Before beginning defragmenting close all open applications including individuals running within the system tray just like your antivirus software. Disconnect from the web and disable screen savers and power schemes.

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