Voyage Tests Self Driving Cars in Retirement Communities

Voyage is a self-driving technology company which is trying to test its technology on road. The self – driving technology has become a boon for people who are unable to drive cars smoothly because of less car driving practice, impaired vision, low responsiveness on road or furthermore age-related issues. Voyage has been trying to test its technology with autonomous vehicles amongst the people but it was noted earlier in this year that some executives from its online training company, Udacity were trying to commercialize this whole scenario. Hence, Voyage has chosen to test its technology in a retirement community in San Jose named Villages Golf and Country Club.

voyage self driving taxi

The chosen area allows for good 15 miles of road that are used by pedestrians, pets, other cars and even Golf carts and restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle to be 25 miles per hour. The technology gets better tested with the sharing of the road in order to check for its safety features. The retirement community has about 4000 residents. Voyage is making use of the modified Ford Fusion for its testing at Villages Golf and Country Club in California. The Ford Fusion is equipped with self-driving software and additional sensors including LiDAR and Radar.

Another major reason for choosing the retirement community area is the availability of its target population for the geriatric people. The old age citizens have major problems in remaining independent because of driving issues and thus self-driving services remain on demand.

The only disadvantage that the Voyage is struck with by choosing this area of California is having to pay double funds of¬†$5¬†million to its insurer and to share data with it since it’s a private property. However, it is a big advantage for the company to have very little regulations in return and also it doesn’t need to share the data at the state level with the state regulators.


Since companies like Voyage are trying to get into the innovative market to such an extent where other self-driving companies haven’t stepped in thus, it becomes even more important for Voyage to successfully complete its testing on time.

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