Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars

Electric cars are big in the market right now, and most automobile companies worth their salt are dipping their toes into the craze. With fuel supply dwindling and prices rising, renewable energy sources are all the rage right now. Electric cars have been around for almost a decade now, but this seems the right time to build and buy them. Let us see what can be expected in the coming years.

Audi’s first electric SUV

audi electric car photo

In January 2017, Audi confirmed that it will begin production of its first all-electric SUV in its plant based in Brussels, no later than 2018. So far, going by the data released by the automobile company, the SUV will be able to go 310 miles on a single full charge and will have three motors. The company also confirmed that the car will be capable of being completely charged at a very short time, which will save you a lot of electricity usage. The car is supposed to be built on Audi’s e-tron quattro concept, are at least highly inspired from it, but that has not yet been formally declared. The name of the car is yet to be disclosed, although rumors state that it will be called Q6. 

Aston Martin’s RapidE Concept

aston martin rapid e electric car

With regular automobile makers jumping on the bandwagon, luxury car makers cannot be too far in the race, as proven by luxury automobile manufacturer Aston Martin. In February 2017, the company announced that it will soon be launching its Aston Martin RapidE Concept. This will be an all-electric version of the already existing automobile. The company has teamed up with LeEco, the Chinese technology firm in order to build a production version of the car. In fact, according to Aston Martin, this will be the first of a line of high-end electric cars that the company is planning to produce. They are already in talks with Faraday Future, a fairly new company specializing in manufacturing electric cars. Although nothing has been declared yet, it is being assumed that the cars will be highly priced, something between $200,000 to $250,000.

Volkswagen’s Mega plans

 Volkswagen electric car

Automobile giant Volkswagen recently declared that they are planning to introduce at least 30 models of electric plug in cars by 2025. This is quite an improvement on the already tall claims made the by the company, of getting at least 20 electric cars into the market by 2020. In January 2017, the company announced that one of these cars will be the Budd-E, which is slated to be a concept car that will run completely on electricity. What’s more, it will likely have a range of 230 miles per hour on a single full charge. It is likely to be released for purchase by 2020, according to Volkmar Tanneberger, the head of electronic development in Volkswagen.

Mercedes Benz’s offering

Mercedes Benz electric car

Mercedes Benz does not have a long list of electric cars waiting to be produced and rolled out into the market.  But, if the claims are true, then it will be one of the first to release an electric car. The automobile giant announced that the first electric car from its stable will be ready for sale in 2018. The range is likely to be higher than the other cars, at 310 miles per hour on a single full charge. Autobild, the German magazine, published a report that stated that the car might be an electric version of the Mercedes Benz’s GLC crossover.

Tesla’s Model 3

tesla model 3

Tesla was one of the first to release the electric car into the market back in 2008. Even today, they are not behind in the race. Their first mass market vehicle, Model 3, went into production in 2017, although a prototype had been revealed quite some time back. According to reports, the car will have a range of a little over 100 miles per hour on a full charge. The upside of the car is that it can pick up from zero to sixty miles in about six seconds. The car is expected to be a mid-range one at around $35,000 before incentives. The best part about the car is that it can comfortably seat around 5 people, which makes it the perfect family car.

The Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf electric car

Nissan unveiled the Intelligent Driving System concept in 2016 and plans to incorporate it into its new electric car that is expected to hit the market sometime in 2018. There is very little information on the Nissan Leaf apart from this, and the fact that it will have a range upwards of 200 miles per hour, with 60 kilowatts used each hour.

Apple’s electric vehicle

apple electric car

With so many jumping onto the bandwagon, Apple cannot be left far behind. They have not made any promises as of yet, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to roll out its first fully electric vehicle by the end of 2019. Tim Cook is being pretty cryptical about Project Titan, as the car’s idea is being called, and no new details have been forthcoming, although there seem to be at least 600 people working on the project.

Porsche’s Model E

Porsche Model E car

This is the hunk among all the electric cars about to hit the market in the next few years. The Porsche Model E is an absolute stunner to look at and delivers to boot. In the unveiling of its prototype, the company stated that the car would have a range of upwards of 300 miles on a single full charge. What’s more, it will be able to go from zero to sixty miles in about 3.5 seconds, which is something as yet unheard of. And Porsche is apparently working on a battery that is what wet dreams of EV aficionados are made of: in 15 minutes, the battery will be 80% charged. The price has not yet been declared, but it will probably be steep, and probably quite justifiably so.

Ford’s electric car

ford electric cars

In December 2016, Ford announced that it will be launching its first fully electric car by 2020. So far, plans are mostly in the blueprint stage, and no details have been revealed yet. According to Mark Fields, the company’s CEO, Ford plans to have electric versions of at least 40% of its existing models, and that is saying something.  Hybrid cars are also big in production, with Ford planning to build at least 13 new models by 2020.

Jaguar’s I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Car

Yet another entry into the luxury EV genre, the Jaguar I-Pace uses a completely new EV platform that was developed by Jaguar itself. The car will have a range of 250 miles per hour on a single full charge, and 700 Nm of torque. It will take around 4 seconds to go from zero to 60 miles per hour, and the price is not that high at $40,990, considering it is being touted as a luxury EV.

Governments across the world are pushing for more and more electric vehicles, and grants and subsidies have made it easier for automakers to push for production. There are much more EVs in the pipeline, and prospects seem exciting.

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