Tesla Semi Truck 2018

In the need of additional electric vehicles for reducing the involved cost in its usage and maintenance, the world is awaiting any news from Tesla regarding Tesla Semi truck. The electric vehicles have been a part of the automotive industry since its inception. However, the modern time is prognosticated to be subjugated by electric conveyance. The upcoming Tesla Semi is being met with a lot of skepticism in the automotive trucking industry. It is a heavy duty all-electric truck which is under production at Tesla. It is expected to increase safety multitudinously and the experience involved with its drive and ride would be undoubtedly leisure – filled.

tesla semi truck price release date

Tesla Semi 2018 Performance

Tesla Semi is speculated to render a feel of a sports car with a bunch of such electric motors that are presently being incorporated into the upcoming all-electric sedan Model 3. The next generation truck is anticipated to have the highest weight capacity with long – range, which is a whopping 200 to 300 miles of range with the production of maximum torque in the class of diesel trucks. The increased efficiency of the electrically propelled vehicle with crude cost per mile and low cost involved in their maintenance would prove to be a boon to the trucking industry. Hence, Tesla is aspiring to see the all new Tesla Semi as the best-selling truck in its class in the coming future.

Tesla Semi 2018 Specifications

The all new truck will boast a modern body styling which is sure to attract population on the whole. It is believed to in-house many such features which have not made it to the market as yet. The ground transport system will undergo a revolution with the Tesla Semi truck coming onto the roads.

tesla semi electric truck

Tesla Semi is postulated to eradicate the important role of the driver with its Autonomous Driving Technology being incorporated into the modern designing. This fully autonomous drive would mark the second generation of Autopilot technology for a run through the coast to coast. However, the company has not recommended to entirely eliminate the role of the driver for now. The modern vehicle would be self sufficient to empower its run with all possible features. The solar energy could play an important role in powering the electric motors as Solar Roof could be installed on these trucks.

Tesla Semi 2018 Price and Release Date

With the Tesla Semi truck arriving on roads in the near future, the industry is ready to experience the potential of electric power vehicles in ground transport. The working prototype of the upcoming Tesla Semi will be unveiled in the late October, on 26th October. While there is no info about the pricing yet, but it is expected to cost $200,000+.

Tesla has been dynamically active with its potential customers for their feedbacks and their demands so as to make the vehicle more productive and efficient as per their needs. Tesla could possibly work on low – volume production anytime soon. Since Tesla is planning to share many parts with its upcoming all-electric vehicle Model 3, it is optimistic to start the production sooner and deliver high gross margins on the truck.

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