Tesla Model Y 2018 – The Electric Revolution

Tesla will be coming up with its brand new all electric car Model Y in 2018. This will be a major step from Tesla to mesmerize the automotive industry with its innovative approach and change the future of electric vehicles. Along with this, Tesla is also coming up with major master plans of launching an all – electric pick – up truck. The Model Y from Tesla will undoubtedly be the most exciting electric vehicle that the automotive industry is waiting for. It is a small crossover that will bring a freshness in the segment of affordable cars. Hence, Tesla is looking forward to launching itself in every section of the automotive industry with unconventional methods and technologies. The Tesla Model Y 2018 has combined qualities of a car, an SUV and a wagon and it will undeniably be the choice of every compact car lover.

tesla model y

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2018 Tesla Model Y Engine

Tesla will be building up the Model Y car on an all electric platform, just as the newly launched Tesla Model 3. Initially, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had announced that the Model Y will be built on an entirely new electric platform but it was foreseen to cost incredibly high to the company and will also stretch the release time extensively. The Model Y will be powered by compact electric motors and the large battery pack which has been mounted in the car’s floor. Both the two – wheel drive and four – wheel drive will be made available as a choice. The new generation car is expected to house a 60 kWh Lithium – ion item battery which may be as high as 75, 90 or even 100 kWh in higher versions. This is expected to reach 62 mph from rest in less than 3 seconds. Thus, it will offer a whooping pick – up as the cherry on the cake.

2018 Tesla Model Y Features

As expected from Tesla, the Model Y will behold a cool and trendy appearance. The new generation Model Y will be beautified with Jelly mould styling along with the fact that the front bumper is speculated to sport a sharp grille unique to the Tesla vehicles. It is anticipated to follow the footsteps of the current crossover from Tesla, Model X with having ‘falcon doors’ which open up rather than out. It will run over large alloy wheels. The interior has been redesigned modernly. However, simple quality materials have been utilised in the build up in order to keep the price tag under control. The cabin is spacious with healthily accommodating head room and leg room. The giant portrait infotainment system beautifies the front. The dashboard is contemporarily designed with not much of devices. Hence, it has established no cluttering for reduced awkwardness. An autopilot system will be engrossed. This will be facilitated by more cameras around the vehicle’s bodywork, new forward facing radar and 12 sonar like sensors. Along with this, the on – board computer of the car will be processing with a 40 times faster power.

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2018 Tesla Model Y Pricing and Release Date

The Model Y from Tesla is expected to hit the showrooms in 2018 or early 2019. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has recently claimed that the Model Y car is being focussed on in order to bring it to the market even sooner. This has become possible also because of the simplification in the manufacturing process in lieu of the fact that Model Y is being built on the similar architecture as the recently launched Model 3 from Tesla. The base variant of the Tesla Model Y is expected to cost approximately slightly lesser than the current Tesla’s crossover Model X.

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