Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Inc is one of the most influential companies in the world today, vast investments in energy storage, solar panels, auto industry, and space exploration (SpaceX), Tesla Inc is a pacesetter. Tesla Inc started 14 years ago in 2003 with Marc Tarppening and Martin Eberhard as founders and JB Straubel, Ian Wright, and Elon Musk as co-founders. The first car made by Tesla the Tesla Road Star, an electric sports car released in 2008 started Tesla’s automotive journey.

tesla model 3 release date, price and features

During this time, Tesla Inc was a small company, and no one knew much about it, the Road Star started an amazing success story. In 2012, Tesla Inc released the Model S an electrically powered luxury sedan, and it became the best-selling electric car for two years straight. Later on, in 2015, Tesla Inc Released the Model X a crossover with the signature falcon-wing doors. Both the Model S and Model X, are expensive and therefore only a particular class of individuals can afford them. With this in mind, Tesla Inc worked on a cheaper electric car for the masses, and the Model 3 was born. Pricing of the car starts at $35,000 minus government incentives, the car will change the landscape in the auto industry, and only time can tell.

Model 3 Features, Style, and Performance

Tesla claims the Model 3 will offer performance, safety, spaciousness and range all in one package. The Model 3 has single rear mounted motor capable of launching the car from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in six seconds. An AWD version with dual motors will also be on offer, however, there is minimal information about it. In terms of range, the model 3 can cover 215 miles (346 kilometers) on a single charge. Buyers can buy Tesla’s 240 volt home charging unit that costs $750 minus the installation fee. On the brighter side, this unit can add 30 miles of range for every hour of charging. This means that individuals who cover up to 40 miles of daily commute will have sufficient range. An added benefit to Model 3 owners are the Tesla superchargers that can charge the car’s battery to 80% in 40 minutes.

The Model 3 can seat up to five adults with ample leg room at the back. The spacious interior draws from the fact that the battery pack is under the car. Lack of an engine up front has enabled Tesla to move the front seats forward creating more leg room. The storage room is at the front below the hood, there is also a conventional trunk at the back.

tesla model 3 features

Tesla fitted the Model 3 with a curved glass that starts from the windscreen all the way to the back. The curved glass design gives a sense of space and a panoramic view to behold, it is inspired by the Model X. The dashboard looks futuristic, it has no visible air vents, instrument cluster, or climate control knobs. All the controls are within a large touch screen, a common aspect shared between the Model S and X. There is speculation that the Model 3 will come with a heads-up display for the driver. The display shows important information about range, speed, and any other important information.


NHTSA awarded the Model S 5-star rating in every subcategory, and Tesla is banking on this high rating to convince potential buyers on what to expect from the Model 3.  Less than 1% of cars manage this kind of high rating, this gives Tesla and added advantage over other automakers. Tesla claims the car has all the sensors and wiring that will enable the car to drive autonomously.


Using the Model S as a reference point, it cost $69,900 and a transaction price of approximately $105,000. Analysts believe that the transaction price of the Model 3 will be approximate $60,000 though it is priced at $35,000.

A cleaner environment

tesla model 3 black and white color

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Without any doubt, the Model 3 will change the auto landscape as more people will now afford electric cars. Nonetheless, there are rising concerns if Tesla will start charging a fee to use their superchargers if the popularity of the Model 3 hits a new all-time high. In the long run, Tesla will have to invest in more charging infrastructure as more people opt for electric cars. Tesla has proven that electric cars can be practical, versatile, and reliable, the future of the automotive industry is slowly shifting toward renewable energy. Automakers around the world are investing billions of dollars in developing newer technologies for ‘green’ driving. Toyota introduced the hydrogen fuel cell, BMW has developed the i3, and Chevrolet launched the Bolt to compete with the Model 3. Lower carbon emissions inspired by electric cars mean that the future is ‘green’.

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