The automobile experts and accident experts have at times pointed out the importance of using good quality tires for your vehicles. Experts from all across the world have said that one of the biggest reasons for car accidents is because people tend to compromise on the quality of the tires. 

Another reason is that there are so many local tire manufacturers. They don’t follow the government guidelines and international standards. They sell these tires in the open markets at a lower price. The customers get attracted to these tires because of low costs but they don’t realize that they are compromising on the quality and risking their lives. 

One of the most reputed and standard tires manufactures are Pirelli tires (ยาง รถยนต์ Pirelli, which is the term in Thai). 

It is an Italian company that is the largest manufacturer in the consumer-oriented tire business. 

They have been in the market for a long time and are operating in around 160 countries. The biggest reason why Pirelli has been able to sustain itself in the market for so long and has made its presence in these many countries is that it follows the international standard of tires point by point. 

You will never find a single piece of a tire manufactured by Pirelli that doesn’t adhere to the regulations of the market. 

Suitable For Each Need 

Pirelli tires operate in multiple markets and it manufactures tires for each type of need. There are huge lists of tires that are present in each type of market. Pirelli also supplies tires to leading automobile manufacturers from all across. 

There are several ranges of tires in the market ranging from consumer tires for normal cars, moto tires used for professional racing cars, and bike tires for professional as well as personal bikes.

The best part about Pirelli is that it manufactures tires adhering to the terrain of the local market. It leaves no stone unturned when analyzing the needs of a particular market. This is why you will find that there are so many people who only buy Pirelli tires their whole lifetime. 

World Presence 

Pirelli is present all across the world. They are operating in the world’s biggest markets like Asia, America, and Europe. Apart from that it is also slowly making its presence in Australian and African markets. They sponsor moto race events all across the world. 

There is a reason why Pirelli tires are the exclusive sponsors of the FIA Formula One world championship. We all know F1 doesn’t compromise on the standards and neither should you. 


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