Honda Insight 2019

The third generation Insight, is under production by Honda on a mass level in order to grab the market with its cheapest and yet fancy hybrid car that promises a fuel efficiency too. The 2019 Insight will be a hatchback. It a great possibility that an all new hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain will be powering the upcoming Insight because of Honda’s vow to bring electrification to road for a better environment and better value for fuel.

honda insight 2019

The original Insight was launched by Honda came on roads in December 1999. Since then, it has been a popular brand because of its value for money features, optimum performance and hybrid versions that have revolutionised the automotive industry. The second generation of Insight added two doors, three seats and an extra cylinder into the vehicle. And now the compliant buyers are eagerly waiting for the upgraded third generation of Insight.

2019 Honda Insight Engine

Honda is making electrification as its sole of marketing its vehicles. In future its coming up with all – electric cars as well which promise to generate great revenues for the company. The 2019 Insight might be powered by a smaller internal combustion engine than its rivals. It could be a 88 hp, 1.3 liter naturally aspirated four cylinder engine with an electric motor.

The additional electrical motor might deliver further 13 hp of outcome and 58 pound feet of torque. The combined output would be approximately 98 hp and 123 pound feet of torque. This system will be coupled with front wheel drive system and a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox. It is expected to deliver a fuel economy of approximately 40 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on highways at least, like its predecessor or even more.

2019 honda insight

2019 Honda Insight Exteriors

The 2019 Honda Insight has a lot of similarity with the Honda City and Honda Civic styling. However, the 2019 Insight stands lengthier, wider and taller than the Honda City. The wheel arches are more widened than before. It would engross a start – stop system as well. This system allows for shutting off of the engine at low speeds and when the car becomes immobile. This is an efficient system to decrease fuel consumption to a good extent. The car will be featuring the same suspension setup as the other cars from Honda.

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However, the brakes are expected to be smaller than the normalcy. The front of the Insight used to stand very similar to the Honda Accord. But this new generation Insight will boast a really sleek set of head lights with a pointed but flat front. The tail end of the car would be highly raised and the front end really lowered down which gives the Insight a completely unique appearance from the side.

honda insight 2019 photo

2019 Honda Insight Interiors

The interiors of the 2019 Insight are extra commodious especially for seating five people. The materials incorporated for designing the cabin might compromise on quality in order to get the best in the affordable rates. Hence, the cabin is going to be well designed but with optimum quality materials. However, the front panel instrument cluster will be an impressive change. There will be freshly designed lighting system and control knobs to excite the occupants. The safety features and driver assistive features are also expected to be present to a large extent according to the modern times technologies available.

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Release Date and Price

Honda has kept the Insight a less on pocket affair. Affordability has been a priority. The 2010 Honda Insight LX model costed a modest $20,510 which was very well appreciated. The 2019 Honda Insight also might hold a base price of $22,010. In case, Honda is able to deliver the above said, the Honda Insight 2019 will undoubtedly become the best selling car in its class by a good margin since it will be the cheapest in its class.

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