2019 VW Polo

The Volkswagen is one of the popular brands, when it comes to cars – given the plush interiors, snazzy exteriors, plush seating, and of course, the extended wheelbase. Now, after 14 million sales, and five generations down, we get to hear that a new 2019 VW polo could well be launched anytime soon. Given the popularity of this brand, you can bet your last dollar that advance booking is taking place for this model, even before it is officially launched. Even though details about the new model are on the low end, here are a few salient facts that we managed to snag regarding the new model. The new model has to make do with competition both from the VW family and outside but here’s how it all pans out.

Design and styling

Given the fact that it is a new model, most of us expected that the new one would be similar in the design aspect to the earlier variants and from what we can make out, the 2019 VW Polo sure seems to match our expectations. The leaked images do not do the car much justice but it’s obvious that the manufacturer tried to balance it all out by utilizing its ubiquitous MQB architecture, with the extended wheelbase along with sharper looks that would appeal to a younger driver along with some fantastic interiors.

Granted, from the pictures the 2019 VW Polo looks small and insignificant, think Mini golf and you should have the description all wrapped up or so you would think. And when you take a closer look at the car, you should see that the car comes with more than a few welcome changes, with the ‘double tornado’ line on the flanks of the car as well as sharp looks. The usual vertically stacked dashboard has gone awol and in its place is an eye pleasing one, properly outfitted and snazzy to look at. Drivers can customize their 2019 VW Polo with the dashboard, interior fabrics but the icing on the cake is a touch screen infotainment system that’s horizontally aligned with the rest of the instruments for ease of use.

How does it feel to drive?

With Volkswagen talking a mile and more about the new 2019 VW Polo and how it should be exciting to drive this one when compared to the rest, it was but natural for most of us to believe that we were going to get ‘exciting’. Well, it’s more or less the same – you experience the same as you take out a MQB car and since this one is a MQB car as well, that’s not surprising. Driving the 2019 VW Polo has been a bit of a downer with light and vague controls and nothing much else to add to it.

The engine

When it comes to the 2019 VW Polo, you may want to go with the 94 bhp 1 liter engine but it takes 10 seconds or more to obtain top speed. That’s why you may want to go with the 124 BHP, as it is faster and comes with six speeds which is perfect for cruising.  A 200 HP Polo (GTI) is set to be launched much later this year.

The interiors:

The 2019 VW Polo comes with some tantalizingly fantastic interiors, with a two tone dashboard and a dash pad in a different color. What most of the customers are bound to have questions about is the durability of the interiors. But FWIW, the interior is indeed of good quality and some more. It comes with 351 liters of boot capacity which is indeed an improvement over the last year’s models. The 2019        VW polo also sports on the touch screen infotainment center which makes it easy to access and use. Incidentally, this model also comes with a wireless charging station as well as LED highlights.

Safety and driver assistance:

The 2019 VW Polo comes with emergency parking brake with pedestrian detection, blind spot monitors, rear traffic alert, and cruise control. The new model is certainly equipped for safety and comes loaded with all the safety features that you can think of.

The verdict

The new 2019 VW Polo is certainly standing out on its own and from its earlier models for all the right reasons. If you were looking for a sharp look, uncomplicated driving, no hassle with lots of space to roll around in, and then you need the 2019 VW Polo without a doubt. This car is indeed a much needed improvement on its earlier models and that’s something. As for the pricing, it is expected to be slightly higher, that’s it.

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