2019 Toyota Fortuner

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner has been in the market close to a decade with nary a change, except for now where if the rumors hold true, the manufacturer is planning to release the latest variant anytime soon. With some of the leaked images already going viral, we can get a good idea of what to expect with the 2019 Toyota Fortuner. Given the performance and the various quirks in the earlier two variants, it was to be expected that the new model will head in for a face-lift and true to the leaked images; it certainly seems that the 2019 Fortuner did have a makeover of sorts. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s changed and what had remained the same, shall we?

What to expect?

Given how the second generation was sleeker than the early model, with aggressive styling and appearance, we can expect more or less something similar with 2019 Toyota Fortuner unless of course, the designers manage to introduce something out of the box. The problem though is that you cannot make out much from the leaked images other than the fact that the exterior has undergone a welcome change. But it’s time to review these images closely and see if anything’s changed under the hood, so as to speak. The 2019 Toyota Fortuner will come in GX, GXL and Crusade, as did the earlier variants.

Engine, power train

When it comes to looking under the hood with the 2019 Toyota Fortuner, you can expect the same or similar features as the current model. The 2019 model utilizes the same engine options as the current model, and comes with similar three unit options. The first one is a 2.4 liter inline 4 diesel engine and comes packed with a torque of nearly 300 pounds per square feet as well as a horse power of 149 horses, making it seem powerful indeed. The next one is a 2.8 liter inline-4 which also comes loaded with a horse power of 177 and a torque of 310 lb. The last engine in the mix happens to be a 4 liter engine with a horse power of 278 horses and a torque of 277 pounds per feet.

Exteriors, what to expect?

It is to be expected that the 2019 Toyota Fortuner will have more or less the same interiors of this year’s model with a few changes at most. The current model utilized the Toyota Hilux platform and it is widely expected that the new model will feature the same with nary a change. As far as looks go, it is expected that the 2019 Toyota Fortuner will be sleek, aggressive and an improvement over this year’s model. Given the fact that there are only a few 2019 Toyota Fortuner images that have leaked out, we have to assume a few facts. But a few things we do know for certain: the front end comes with a two slat grille, narrow LED headlamps, as well as a muscular bumper just anchored below the grille and it comes loaded with Fog lights as well. The ordinary model comes with 17 inch alloy wheels while the premium models comes with 18 inch ones.

Interiors, what to expect?

About 7 passengers should be able to seat comfortably in the 2019 Toyota Fortuner; it comes with three rows of seats and each is adjustable, thereby making it comfortable to travel in this model. The seats are encased in fabric and come with leather toppings, especially in the premium version. You can expect the 2019 Toyota Fortuner to come loaded with some of these standard features such as Bluetooth, LED taillights, sound system with six speakers which should create for the perfect acoustic experience. Apart from these, the model should also feature multi function steering wheel along with rear parking sensors, and rearview camera. The GLX model will incorporate keyless entry and start, descent control, Toyota link app and much more. With the Crusade model, you should also be able to access the JBL audio set up with 11 speakers along with bi-led headlamps, and heated 8 way power adjustable seats which should help increase the comfort factor.

Launch date and pricing:

It is widely expected that the 2019 Toyota Fortuner will be launched soon and as for the pricing, it will stay around same median of $43000. But one thing is for sure, one can expect great things with this car if we go by its earlier variants and that the 2019 Toyota Fortuner will be nothing to sneeze at.

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