2019 Ford Bronco Release date, price, features

Ford fans have long rued the existence of a mid range pickup truck, and their prayers are finally being answered. In 2016, UAW representative Bill Johnson said that the two legends of pickup trucks, the Ranger and the Bronco, are scheduled to make a comeback, and things could not have been better for the Ford lovers out there. For a while, there was quite a bit of speculation on the authenticity of the claim, but Ford has put an end to the speculation in 2017’s Detroit Auto Show by announcing that the Ranger and the Bronco are indeed making a comeback. Now we do not yet know what it is going to be like, or the exact date of its release, but we do know that the SUV will hit the market sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

2019 Ford Bronco

2019 Ford Bronco concept by 6G.

Let’s see how much of the juicy gossip we have on our plates so far about the two cars.

Great news for USA

The Ford Ranger, technically speaking, had never been off the market, really. It is a popular car in almost all markets around the world, and is manufactured in Thailand, Argentina, and South Africa. North America was the only country where production and marketing had been completely stopped. And now, Ford has announced that the Ranger will be produced in a unit in Michigan. That is great news for Ford fans who wish to purchase a good offroader or mid range SUV, and it makes great business sense as well, since America has always been a huge market for SUVs.

What will be different?

The new Ford Ranger will not be much different from its cousins elsewhere in the world as far as performance and dimensions are concerned. Look at it a spruced up version of the existing Ford Rangers, with some facelifts and other design changes. On the outside it is expected to look pretty much the same, with the addition of a new grille, new headlights, and a new front fascia. The info comes from an anonymous Reddit poster who has been verified as a Ford designer, and he/she says that the interior of the US Ford Ranger is in for a complete overhaul.

2019 Ford Bronco White

What about the Bronco?

The Ford Ranger will be coming out in 2019, and will be likely to face pretty tough competition from Chevrolet, Toyota, and Honda. It makes sense that Ford will not introduce more competition in the form of its own cars, so the Ford Bronco is slated to see light of day in 2020. And while that is not all that we know about the SUV, there is very little else we do know about it. With the approximate release times finally out in the open, Ford has loosened up a bit about the car, but we are still not getting a very good glimpse of what we can expect.

Update or all new?

The last time we could get a brand new Bronco, it was 1996, and it was based on the Ford F-150 model. Some are speculating that the Bronco 2020 will be based on the Ford Raptor, which is also slated to release soon, and the aforementioned Redditor has claimed that it will instead be based on the Ford Everest. On the other hand, Raj Nair, the Chief Technical Officer with Ford, debunked this theory, asserting that the new Bronco will be a unique vehicle, not an updated Everest. Other theories suggest that the Bronco might be a take on the Raptor.

What will it look like?

2019 Ford Bronco Interiors

There’s both good and bad news on that front. We have heard that Ford will not be reverting to the original two door Bronco, which does make some of us rather nostalgic and sad. The good news, though, is that it will come with a removable roof, which compensates somewhat. It will probably come with four doors, and have solid front and rear axles. According to Nair, it will be mid-sized, bigger than the Bronco II and smaller than the original.

The engine

We haven’t got much going on yet in terms of engine and performance, but we do think it is highly likely that the Ford Bronco will share the engine with the Ford Ranger. Both cars are coming out back to back, they share a platform, and the 2.7-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 is a great engine for a SUV, as evidenced by its use in the 2018 F-150 and the Ford Fusion Sport.
It is really too early to say how the Ford Bronco will perform once it hits the roads. It will be unveiled in the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a road test. It will hopefully be a king in terms of performance, because at a tentative price tag of $30,000, it’s certainly not cheap.

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