2019 BMW M8 Release Date, Price, Features And Specs

The most established BMW 8 series is back in the market and this time with all the best features for the car. It is rumored to be the most excellent of all vehicles in perfection, appearance, quality, and efficiency. The introduction of the BMW 8 series is a major turning point in the history of cars as well as for the company. The components used in this car comprises of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. The body of this car is made up of lighter products. This is a luxury car which is gorgeous and unique in every way. It is also loaded with innovative ideas and features. This series is well known as the grand tourer.

2019 BMW M8 photos

2019 BMW M8 exteriors:

The exterior of the BMW M8 is more stylish and sleek. The front of this car features headlamps with LED technology running on high consumptions and fine mesh grills. The rear end of this car features thin tail lights. They look very mundane. The trunk area holds a huge spoiler along with a basic exhaust water pipe. The edges of this car are designed to be more compact.

At the front, it features a wide windshield. It has a roof structure which is easily removable. And what’s more is that the roof line is more showier and representing a traditional grand tourer. It is believed to feature bigger grill, wider air intakes, and powerful curves all along its exterior. The sides of this car are beefier and twin five spoke rims can be seen. These are dark gray in color.

BMW M8 2019 leaked

The brake calipers found on this vehicle are blue in color. However, it lacks in the big aggressive front and back hoods, the license plates can be found at the traditional location in the front and back of the 2009 BMW M8 car. The Bumper of this car is more of the standard one on the other models. The exteriors of this car are more appealing and dashing than all of the other BMW series. This car is one modern and eye catchy car. However, it has a much softer stance when compared to the other series of the BMW.

Interiors of the 2019 BMW M8:

The interiors of this car are remodeled entirely to appear sleeker, finished, sophisticated. This is one classy car. The interior of the car is equipped with a clear and fashionable dashboard. It is very spacious and up to date with the latest technology and gadgets. The surfaces and interiors are very clean and have a polished appearance. And it is styled in the modern language as is the case with all the present generation BMW car series.

The AC vents found on this car are triangular and vertically oriented. The dashboard area comprises of infotainment which is quite modern and mess free. The AC cabinet comprises of large carbon dioxide fibers which require maintenance and cleaning up from time to time. The interiors too have a much sportier appeal like the exterior of this car. The furniture on the inside is believed to be in black color and made of leather upholstery.

Engine and specs of the 2019 BMW M8:

You will most surely be attracted to this car as the all new BMW M 8 can run up to two hundred miles per hour. It is believed to have about 640 to 670 horsepower. This car is known as the Hybrid super for this reason. This car features an integrated 3 cylinder engine. With a capacity of 1.5 liters and an electric motor. It also features a twin turbo V8 with around 600 horse outputs. This will make the BMW M8 the company’s range-topping car. It is believed to be built on an i8 platform. It is also believed to contain an advanced plug-in hybrid carbon fiber and this car has borrowed some of the components from the BMW 5 series.

BMW m8 2019 back view

BMW M8 price and release date:

It is believed that the starting price of the 2019 BMW M8 car will hit a price tag of about $ 200,000. When it hits the market, this car will be a road super power. The official unveiling of this car is believed to take place in the year 2019, but the exact date of it is yet unknown.

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