2018 Volkswagen Polo

The all new 2018 Volkswagen Polo will be making its debut at the end of this year. This version of the Volkswagen will be a small but classy car. It has more interior space equipped with digital dashboard. This is the latest of Volkswagen’s small car. This car comes with a price tag of £ 14,000. This car has undergone a major revamping and changes since its older model both on the interiors and exteriors as well as on the technology.

Styling and exterior:

Volkswagen Polo 2018 front

The all new 2018 Volkswagen Polo features an evolutionary design. This car is designed with the older model with the traditional GTI styles. The front view of this car features new headlights. These headlights are LED daytime running lights. The manufacturers have also put in a new chrome strip in the front which symbolizes the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo’s new corporate appearance. The outward appearance appears sleek and compact for a small car. Strong creases have been introduced along the sides of the car in order to make it appear all the more sleeker. This car has been made to appear more larger and wider in both space and compact.

The rear end features brake lights which have the all popular ‘P’ light signature. The roof comprises of a spoiler and the bumpers comprise of fake exhaust tips.

The wheels of the car are about 17 – inch wheels . The wheels of the 2018 Volkswagen Polo is placed in such a way so as to give it lengthy wheel base and to enable the interior space to be maximized. the bumpers on the car are arranged to look more sporty. It is built on the all popular MQB platform. This MQB platform has made the 2018 Volkswagen Polo to grow. It is rumored to be about 159 inches in length with a wheel base which is about 100 inches.

Volkswagen Polo 2018 back side photo


The interior of this car looks very classy and spacious with a slight sophisticated appearance. It has under gone a revamp in terms of high – tech.

The all new active info display which comes along with this car is an optional feature. This feature is also the first of its kind to be introduced into the Volkswagen series. What’s special about this car is that when it is introduced into the market, it will be the first car to feature a digital instrument binnacle. This car is all about intuitive operations and the best graphics. The cockpit of this car features a infotainment screen which is approximately eight inches and it is enclosed in glass. The touch screen features are very user friendly and more touch friendly . The connectivity provided includes special Volkswagen App Connect, Mirror Link, Android Auto, and Apple Car Play . There also climate controls and wireless charger provided to charge your phones while on the go.

Volkswagen Polo 2018 interior

The back seat of the car seats two adults, however, it is still more spacious. Extra space has also been provided for loading up luggage. This trunks space is believed to have twenty five percent more trunk space. The boot of this car can hold upto 280 litres to 351 litres.

Engine and driving:

The 2018 Volkswagen engine come with 5 petrol engines and 2 diesel engines. The power on this car is about 65 – 200 horse power , and equipped with 7 speed DSG gear box the suspension system for this car is provided with adaptive dampers. It features a 1.6 litre turbo charged engine. It comes with a 6 speed annual transmission.

Safety measures:

The manufacturers of this car have taken extra precaution to ensure safety and precaution on all fronts. They have provided this car with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control which enables the driver to cruise the car on almost all kinds of terrains, and also the blind spot warning system. The lane departure warning is another special feature of this car.

Price and release date:

This car is all set to hit the markets towards the end of 2017. The price is expected to be at about £ 13,500. It is expected to make its debut first at the Frank furt Auto Show. At this show all Volkswagen’s enthusiastic fans will be able to catch a first glimpse of all their all favorite car.

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