2018 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

The all new 2018 Toyota Land cruiser is here and it will be making its debut by the end of September in Japan. The interiors and the exteriors are all completely redesigned and remodeled to look more compact, spacious and bullish.

Exterior of the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV:

Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2018

The headlights of this car are brand new and have undergone a complete makeover and it is now equipped with LED technology. The middle portion between the headlights contains a chrome grill which appears to be more expanded. The front of this car also features a bumper with fog lights which looks different from the previous version.

The design of the car at the back has undergone very subtle changes to the tail lights and the bumper at the back. It is more equipped to cruise around all kinds of terrains. The wheels of the car appear to be beefier and with much higher ground clearance, and more striking color schemes.

Interiors of the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV:

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser interior

The interiors too have undergone major changes. The dashboard at the cockpit is newly equipped for both entertainment and safety. It comprises of an infotainment system which is approximately 8 inches. This car is rich in new technology. The interior has a more spacious cabin which is even more comfortable than the older versions, plenty of technological features, good performance of these features and the car in general.

The HVAC vents are equipped with different events. The steering wheel will be completely new and easier for grips and steering the car. It will also be equipped with all of the latest features and equipment for safety and protection. It is well equipped with Bilstein Shocks and stiffer springs.

The seats of this car are very spacious now than compared to the older versions. The interiors are upholstered in fine leather, real wood and aluminum. The driver’s seat is a ten way power driver seat and the passenger seat is an eight way power passenger seat. It has bucket front seats and a driver seat which can be adjusted as per the height of the driver.

The passenger seats can also be adjusted as per the height of the passengers and their comfort. Both the driver and passenger seats comprise of multi level heating facilities, ventilated passenger seats, foldable read seats with arm rests along with the provision for storage.

This car also features ventilation air ducts at the rear, along with fan controls to regulate the circulation of air. One touch powered windows which number to four, hands free entry, heated mirrors, adaptive cruise control, pockets at both the front and rear doors, parking sensors at both the front and rear, cameras at the front, side and rear, power steering, tilt and telescopic steering wheels.

The engine and transmission of the 2018 Land Cruiser SUV:

This car keeps the older version of the Land Cruiser’s engine. The power will in no way be reduced. the manufacturers of this car have decided not to go greener. The all new 2018 Land Cruiser SUV features a 5.7 liters turbo – charged V8. It is believed to be capable of delivering 381 horse power at 5600 rpm. It has a torque output of about 401 pounds per feet of torque, at 3600 rpm.

What’s special about this engine of the car is that it features valve timing technology which is rare on other cars. This has the capability of cutting the total amount of fuel consumption to as maximum as possible. It is equipped to be a four wheel drive and the engine has a 8 speed shiftable automatic transmission system.

2018 land cruiser release date

The engines of this car are mainly petrol based and there is no such provision for diesel. It is believed to consume one gallon to run 13 miles and one gallon to run 18 miles on the highway. It consumes plenty of fuel than other cars out there.

It is great in terms of the mileage and it is capable of running about 315 miles on a single fuel tank while in the city and about 443 miles on a single fuel tank while on the highway. The fuel tank is capable of holding a total of 24.6 gallons.

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Price and release date:

This is all set to make its debut in the month of September at the Tokyo Auto Show. it comes with a price tag of £ 84,700.

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