2018 Honda Clarity Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 Honda Clarity

The first generation of the Honda Clarity was launched in 2008 based on the FCX Concept. This medium sized sedan brought ultimate change in the automobile industry, with a five-time charging duration and zero emissions. The second generation came as Honda Clarity Fuel Cell hit the United States market in December 2016. Nevertheless, that is not all from this Japanese automobile manufacturer. The 2018 Honda Clarity will be coming out in the second half of 2017 with a hydrogen fuel cell engine and many other noteworthy changes. What’s more? This sedan car will also feature hybrid and battery engines.

2018 Honda Clarity

2018 Honda Clarity Interior

The 2018 Honda Clarity is expected to be a few inches larger than the previous models. As a result, the interior is projected to be spacious with high-level comfort to give passengers additional headroom and legroom. Besides the large space, the use of high-quality materials is expected to be intensive. This medium size sedan will accommodate five passengers with seats wrapped in leather to match the interior trim. The infotainment system used in the previous models which featured Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will still be used in this brand new 2018 Honda sedan.

2018 Honda Clarity

2018 Honda Clarity Engine

The 2018 Honda Clarity will be the first car in the world to be offered with electric, hydrogen fuel cells, and plug-in hybrid engines. This powertrain variation will yield three variants of the Honda Clarity 2018. These variants are the Honda Clarity 2018 hydrogen fuel cell car, the Clarity Plug-in hybrid vehicle, and the 2018 Clarity electric car. Generally, the efficiency of the new powertrains will be at a much higher level compared to the previous models. For instance, the original version of the Honda 2018 Clarity hydrogen fuel cell powertrain had a horsepower of 134 with 189-pound feet of torque. The 2018 Honda clarity hydrogen cell car is expected to come with much more power of approximately 175 horsepower and 225-pound feet of torque.

2018 Honda Clarity Exterior

The 2018 Honda Clarity will come in three different colors including maroon, black, and white. Generally, this sedan looks elegant and stylish with its brand new long headlights. The grilles and the front bumper are also expected to be redesigned.

2018 Honda Clarity

2018 Honda Clarity Gas Mileage and Price

The range of the hydrogen fuel cell Honda Clarity 2018 is expected to be much better with 350 miles compared to the original model’s range of 230 miles. On the other hand, the plug-in hybrid version is expected to produce a power range of 40 miles. All the three trims of the 2018 Honda Clarity are expected to be released later in 2017. Although the release date is just near, Honda has not disclosed the expected price yet. However, a premium price is expected for both the electric and the plug-in hybrid. We will keep you posted on every new adjustment.

2018 Honda Clarity Towing

Honda has not opened up yet about the towing capacity of the Honda Clarity 2018. We will keep you informed when the news trickle in.

In these hard economic times, people are looking for cars that are fuel efficient. This is the reason why Honda decided to build the environmentally friendly and fuel efficient 2018 Honda Clarity. This car is the most awaited, environmentally friendly car. In fact, Honda expects all its electrified cars to represent approximately two-thirds of its total automobile sales by 2030.

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