2018 Honda Accord Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 Honda Accord

The new 2018 Honda Accord has speculators revved up. Not much is said to be changed besides the basic shape of the car, which is sleeker and sportier. The new Accord will be bigger and better than ever, while still working on leaving a smaller carbon footprint. The focus on a sleek design and excellent safety is apparent in the new model. The aerodynamic design has the public listening, and safety awards are already on the Accord’s shelf.

2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The interior of the 2018 Accord is to mimic the popular 2017 Honda Civic sedan. The car will seat up to five passengers comfortably and safely. The seats will be offered in a range of colors from black to tan, as with most other Honda vehicles. The cabin will have an angular appearance while keeping the safety of the passenger in mind. Safety features from airbags to various alerts will be available for all of the new 2018 models. With features like forward collision warning, lane keeping technology, and adaptive cruise, the 2018 Accord has earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+. There’s no evidence that many changes will be made to the interior besides the new Civic inspiration, as these features have had earlier versions in past models, showing a clear emphasis on safety and reliability.

2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord Engine

The engine is also receiving vast speculation. The most popular theory is that there will be two engine types offered: basic and hybrid. The basic engine will a 1.5 Liter turbocharged 4 cylinder with 174 horsepower. The hybrid will offer another four cylinder, however it will have a whopping 212 horsepower.

2018 Honda Accord Exterior

The 2018 Accord will be offered in the same colors as the 2017 models. However, there is a slight change in design. The 2018 Honda Accord will have a sleek roofline the flows into a sloping rear windshield. The front grill will be slightly larger and will have a more industrial look, while the headlights and taillight will have a sexier finish. The car will have an angular design that fits the trends of recent Honda models.

2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord Price and Gas Mileage

The estimated price of the 2018 Honda Accord is $30,000 for the basic model and $40,000 for the hybrid. Because of the sleek, sporty design, the 2018 Honda Accord is a lighter model and the gas mileage is projected to be slightly better than the 2017 model. The price will of course differ between added features such as extra radio options, extra safety features, and other great variables. The mileage will also change between circumstances. If you plan to stick to a basic model, however, $30,000 is your best estimate.

2018 Honda Accord Towing

As for towing — there aren’t many options available. The 2018 Honda Accord is to be a sporty family car — better suited for road trips than hauling that old trailer in the backyard. There aren’t any projected features or packages regarding towing, but with the sedan look comes plenty of trunk space. The 2018 Honda may not tow the old trailer, but it can possibly handle a small family bookshelf.

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