2018 Ford C- Max Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 Ford C- Max

The Ford motor company has produced an MPV (compact multi-purpose vehicle) since 2003. 2018 Ford C-Max is developed around the global platform of Ford C. It is composed of five doors. One of the most striking features of the 2018 Ford C-Max is that it will be much lighter in comparison to the previous versions of Ford C. Compared to the current version of Ford C, the 2018 Ford C-Max will have 17 inch wheels. 2018 Ford C-Max will have an improved width of 4409 mm (173.6 inches) and breadth of 1828 mm (72 inches) and a height of 1623 mm (16.9 inches). 2018 Ford C-Max will also have a wheelbase of 2649mm (104.3 inches). The front of the 2018 Ford C-Max will be composed of rectangular halogen headlights, fog lights, LED daytime running lights, as well as, the latest trapezoid mesh grille. 2018 Ford C-Max has sporty appearance since the wings will have the same color as the body. In the making 2018 Ford C- Max appear sporty, the stability of the latest version of Ford C will be much more stable due to the increased surface area.

2018 Ford C- Max

2018 Ford C- Max Interior

The interior of the car plays an important role to the users in regard to the enhancement of the occupant’s comfort. 2018 Ford C-Max has a spacious interior in comparison to the previous version of Ford C. It can carry a capacity of up to five adults. The seats of 2018 Ford C-Max are made from the top leather stuff. It is also fitted with telescopic controls which are covered by the top leather. In ensuring that the interior of 2018 Ford C-Max has a standard indoor temperature, it is equipped with an automated two-zone automatic regulator of climate. The dashboard of the 2018 Ford C-Max is fitted with two sets of 4.2 inch TFT display. The inner cabinet will be installed with an 8-inch touch screen. It will have a variety of color combos.

2018 Ford C- Max

2018 Ford C- Max Engine

The 2018 Ford C-Max is expected consist of an engine with a consumption of 2-liters, as well as, an electric motor, where the combined effort of the two will have the capacity of producing 188 horsepower. It is important to understand that, although 2018 C-Max does not exhibit much power, the proper power plant allows this vehicle to have commendable 37 mpg, 42 mpg highway, as well as, 40 mpg combined. 2018 Ford C- Max comes in both fwd and 4wd. This means that 2018 Ford C- Max design will be designed to cover various terrains for the 4wd version. This design will also be efficient in regard to energy consumption in comparison to the earlier models of Ford C.

2018 Ford C- Max Exterior

2018 Ford C-Max comes in a variety of colors. The clients have a broad range of choices of colors. This model has some modifications on it— exterior with rectangular fog lights. The 2018 Ford C-Max appears larger in comparison the previous model in regard to its height breadth and width. The latest model has an automatic opening trunk.

2018 Ford C- Max

2018 Ford C- Max Price and Gas Mileage

The cost of 2018 Ford C-Max is expected to be about $25,000. In the case of gas mileage, the latest Ford version uses 37 mpg, 42mpg and 40mpg, which is low in comparison to the previous Ford C versions.

The 2018 Ford C-Max is stable, but its engine has the capacity of towing ultra-light tourers. Once 2018 Ford C-Max is at motorway speed, there is a stable and a secure feel.

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