2018 Ferrari F12tdf Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari is well known for its habit of always impressing the brand’s fans with new and improved car concepts since day one. The 2018 Ferrari F12tdf is a masterpiece from this particular car maker because of its futuristic and unique features. For those of you wondering what does the TDF stand for, it reads as Tour de France which is also the engineers’ source of inspiration for this particular model. Ferrari has also made it clear that the F12tdf is going to be a limited edition car with only 799 units. The F12tdf is built to compete with other cars in its league such as the Aston Martin and Lamborghini Aventador.

The 2018 Ferrari F12tdf combines great performance, ease of use and driveability as well as excellent performance on extreme roads, racetracks, and circuits. The Ferrari f12tdf gets its power from a 780 HP naturally aspirated V12. The engineers have also made changes to improve the F12tdf’s traction control, and as a result, it is possible to negotiate corners at relatively high speeds. The F12tdf has a virtual short wheelbase which corrects oversteering caused by the increased front wheelbase. Some of the changes you should expect to see in the new 2018 Ferrari F12tdf include a redesigned interior, body, engine, transmission and a reduction in weight by about 110 KG as well. As a result of these changes, the 2018 F12tdf is now able to accelerate from 0 to 100 KM in under 2.9 seconds. It can reach a speed of 200 KM/Hr within 7.9 seconds. Engineers have also fitted the 2018 F12tdf with one-piece brake calipers like in the LaFerrari to improve the vehicle’s braking ability.

2018 Ferrari F12tdf

2018 Ferrari F12tdf Interior

The Ferrari F12tdf’s interior looks sportier than previous Ferrari car models. The driver’s position has a Spartan cockpit feel. The designers have changes door panels into a single carbon fiber shell for each door. The instruments and satellite pods now have carbon fiber housings. There is no glove compartment in the 2018 F12tdf, and instead, we have a basic knee padding piece in place of the glove compartment. The 2018 Ferrari F12tdf designers have replaced traditional leather with Alcantara. Which now forms the cabin trim. The seats now have technical fabric, and there is patterned aluminum in place of mats on the floor.

2018 Ferrari F12tdf Engine

Ferrari’s 2018 F12tdf engineers have fitted it with a 65-degree V12 under the hood. The F12tdf engine has a power output of 780 HP at 8500 RPM with 705 Newton Meters of torque. It has a maximum engine speed of 8900 Revolutions Per Minute. Some other adjustments to the 2018 Ferrari F12tdf’s engine setup include Race-Inspired Mechanical Tappets and trumpets that have Variable Geometric features similar to the ones found in formula one racing cars. These features help boost the car’s Volumetric efficiency at high engine speeds.

2018 Ferrari F12tdf

2018 Ferrari F12tdf Exterior

The 2018 Ferrari F12tdf’s body has radically changed. The 2018 model has a wider front and wider rear tracks which make the vehicle appear sportier and more aggressive. The new vehicle has new aerodynamic features such as a new carbon-fiber aerobridge. The car’s wheels have lightweight alloy rims with five twinned spokes. For colors, there has been no news, so we expect the normal highly polished Ferrari colors (reds, yellow, green, white and others).

2018 Ferrari F12tdf

2018 Ferrari F12tdf Price and Gas Mileage

The estimated price for the new 2018 Ferrari F12tdf is around $370,000 which is a fair price given that the new car has great features. The estimated fuel consumption rate for the new Ferrari F12tdf is around 15.41 Liters per 100 Kilometres.

2018 Ferrari F12tdf Towing

So far we do not have the 2018 Ferrari F12tdf towing capacity and features details, but we approximate that they will be in the same range as the F12berlinetta’s.

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