2018 Ferrari California T Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 Ferrari California T

Today it is all about the 2018 Ferrari California T. The T stands for better, not literally but yeah, you will get to enjoy the capability of a Turbo engine. The headlights are bigger and better thanks to the new design. Incorporated also are two air exhausts on the hood and large air intakes. The 2018 Ferrari California T is bigger in both width and breadth.

2018 Ferrari California T

2018 Ferrari California T Interior

We have already seen that this 2018 sensation is bigger than its predecessor. The improvements on the size make for a much better, spacious interior. Any car aficionado looks for comfort and beauty. The seat design uses a sporty shape and an excellent low and slim setting of the center console. The incredible positioning of the seats leaves enough space for all heights. The soft touch leather finish brings out an appeal that all car aficionados agree is super incredible. The 2018 Ferrari California T features the best in technology. The information and entertainment systems (infotainment) are all touch screen. The infotainment system contains the radio, navigation, and two zone climate controls.

2018 Ferrari California T

2018 Ferrari California T Engine

The 2018 Ferrari California T is supercharged via a Ferrari V-8 bi-turbo engine. You will get to enjoy the 7 speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmission system. It has a capability to accelerate by 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. Running at 7500 rpm, you get to enjoy an enormous 552 horsepower. FWD system absorbs the power under the hood. This FWD system ensures for a smooth and stable transmission.

2018 Ferrari California T Exterior

At the sides, the exhaust is similar to the predecessor. The car features two large air intakes that feed the intercooler and the brakes. The sleek streamlines look the same. The much bigger headlights look better. The construction is of sheet metal that gives it stability at its 196 mph top speed. Four door arrangements make for four-seat capability. The trunk automatically opens at the press of a conveniently positioned convertible control. The 2018 Ferrari California comes in many shades.

2018 Ferrari California T

2018 Ferrari California T Price and Mileage

For a fast and trendy car, an estimated $150,000 base price is worth it. The mile per gallon is 16 and 23 for the city and highway, respectively.

2018 Ferrari California T Towing

The engine bi-turbo V-8 engine delivers 552 of horsepower. That is an equivalent of 600 pound-feet of torque. The incredible power is all thanks to the turbocharged V-8 engine. This supercar should be top of the list on your best cars of 2018.

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