2018 BMW X3 Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 BMW X3

BMW is set to unveil the newest member of BMW X Family: the 2018 BMW X3. It has been spotted in different places undergoing a series of tests and it’s been said that BMW’s newest creation will finally be available soon. This 2018 BMW X3 is a third-generation mid-sized SUV and is lighter and more comfortable than the current X3. It has an improved modular design for a better interior space and it will also be one of the most valuable cars from BMW.

2018 BMW X3 Interior

The 2018 BMW X3 is actually a combination of the features of BMW 5 and 7 series. However, BMW ensures that it will exceed the current SUV’s in terms of how it will meet the customer’s needs. It will also have the latest of the BMW technology. This new addition exhibits a very high-tech safety features and a cabin which is better than the current BMW, while maintaining state-of-the-art specifications of BMW cars, such as good lighting, ambient air, acoustic glass, display key and gesture control. That increase in space is likely to come from more efficient engineering and lighter-weight materials. The new X3 has the same cargo room and passenger space because it still uses the CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform.

2018 BMW X3

2018 BMW X3 Engine

This X3 will have a range of the turbocharged 4- and 6-cylinder direct injection gasoline & common-rail diesel engines. It will adopt a plug-in hybrid technology from the 330e, 740e and X5 xDrive40 pairing a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine to an electric motor for a combined 248hp.

2018 BMW X3 Exterior

Compared with the current version, this 2018 BMW X3 is more refined and well-crafted. The front side is adjusted in accordance with pedestrian safety regulations. Underneath the license plate is a radar sensor. The front fascia is based on the new X1 and G30 5 Series. This latest BMW car also sports two new colors: Carbon Black and Pythonic Blue.


2018 BMW X3 Price and Gas Mileage

This vehicle’s estimated price is $40,000. It has also an estimated max-speed of 155mph. It has a diesel-powered engine. It is indeed a very powerful vehicle expected to compete with Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes GLC and the Audi Q5. Compared to its competitors, the 2018 BMW X3 is affordable but has cutting edge features —a rare deal in purchasing automobiles.

2018 BMW X3

2018 BMW X3 Towing

The estimated towing capacity of this BMW is 3000 LB. It is indeed lower compared to the towing capacity of the current BMW x3.

A lot of stolen glimpses of this new addition to the BMW family has been hitting the internet nowadays, but fortunately for BMW, they hid the design very carefully. No matter how many speculations arise, BMW might still change one or two features of this automobile so fans will still really have to wait until 2018 to really know what the 2018 BMW X3 offers.

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