2018 BMW 7 Series Release Date, Price, Specs

2018 BMW 7 Series

The all new redesigned 2018 BMW 7 series is here, and the 2018 model has some truly great changes. It has removed itself from the model X5, and there are changes both inside and out. The car is going to look sleeker, and it has cut some weight from the overall car. There will be some great new features that focus on providing a sporty impression on the vehicle. With its aluminum amalgam frame and great air suspension, the 2018 BMW 7 series is going to be a fast and comfortable ride. This version of the car looks to be the reimagining of this luxury sedan, with carbon fiber, a light chassis, and an even better engine. The vehicle is just leaving the design phase, and we cannot wait to see what BMW produces in this next great sedan.

2018 BMW 7 Series

2018 BMW 7 Series Interior

The new interior of the 2018 BMW 7 series is one that was heavily influenced by retro-futurism. It features satin finish tones, audio controls and the infamous i8 dash with its overstated straight look for the dash. The inclusion of carbon fibre will be evident within the interior. The doors are also carbon fiber and will offer a great matte black look for customers. You will be able to seat five comfortably in this vehicle and it is an ideal sedan for a family, or someone who loves a comfortable road trip.

2018 BMW 7 Series

2018 BMW 7 Series Engine

The 2018 BMW 7 series is one of the most powerful in its class and offers a few great options. The 740i will offer a TwinPower turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-6 with an estimated 320 horsepower. While the 750i will offer a 4.4 liter TwinPower turbocharged V-8 that generates an estimated 445 horsepower. The 7 series offers all-wheel drive for both trims and can reach 60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds.

2018 BMW 7 Series Exterior

The exterior colors have not been confirmed on the 2018 version, but some industrial insiders are suggesting that the main colors will return from the 2016 and 2017 models. With metallic and non-metallic options circling around shades of black, white and grey. There will be a centennial blue color also available — according to some. The vehicle has also gone back to 20-inch tires, and will have features much like its predecessor. Do look for some great new safety features to be included — such as crash sensors, road assistance changer and quitting help.

2018 BMW 7 Series

2018 BMW 7 Series Price and Gas Mileage

The vehicle has an MRSP value predicted around $80,000, but naturally the better the trim, the higher the MRSP. The projected top trim will cost around $154,000 with all of its features, and possible Centennial Blue color. The gas mileage options have not been released to the public, but with the lightweight vehicle, and decently fuel efficient engines, the 7 series looks to be one of the better luxury sedans out there. It is predicted to be around 25 miles per gallon, but with the V8, it could be as low as 17 miles per gallon.

2018 BMW 7 Series Towing

Although not typically used in a towing capacity, the 7 series do have some great after market options for towing. BMW has an invisible hitch option on some trims, but it is a rare ask. The towing capacity is listed as 4,850 pounds, which is a significant amount of weight for a sedan.

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