2018 Audi A1 Price, Release Date, Specs

2018 Audi A1

Audi’s subcompact hatchback A1 has gotten revamped. The all-new 2018 Audi A1 has been spotted testing. Nothing radical has been changed, however the new 2018 Audi A1 seems to have a new body, the redesigned body of the Volkswagen Polo. Compared to the current Audi A1, the redesigned body seems to lack the bubble-like shape which makes it look more like a conventional hatchback. The wheelbase has also been stretched in order to increase the space in the cabin. Because of the new design, it is said to be a little bit bigger than the current A1, and the trunk space which currently is about 270 liters is going to rise slightly, making it about 300 liters. The front grille is expected to be redesigned to have a more distinctive look, and with the combination of new headlights, will give 2018 Audi A1 a unique look.

2018 Audi A1 Interior

2018AudiA1 Interior

The current A1’s interior is not that amazing because of the design. The interior is based on minimalist design, where you don’t have anything on the central console, except for some ventilation shafts. The interior of the 2018 Audi is said to be taken from the famous Audi TT. The central console is going to feature the “Virtual Cockpit”, which is the most original designs of gauge cluster. With this, you will be able to use Navigation, engine properties, infotainment (With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), air conditioning and much more. It is expected that the seats, headroom on the back and trim quality might be taken from Audi TT as well. Leg room has never been a problem. It might also come with Wi-Fi hotspot to compete with the Mini.

2018 Audi A1 Engine

2018AudiA1 Engine Specs

New engines will be added to the new 2018 Audi A1. It is said that the existing A1’s 1.0-liter 3 Cylinder Turbo is likely to be revamped to the Volkswagen’s new 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines — the same engine as the VW Polo. The 2018 S1 Sportsback might actually come with an engine capable of developing 250 horsepower or more. The 2018 Audi A1 is said to have Front Wheel Drive, whereas the S1 will come with a Four-Wheel Drive.

2018 Audi A1 Exterior

2018AudiA1 Exterior

The main change in the new 2018 Audi A1 is going to be its size and the front grille as well as the headlights. It is going to be based on the A0 concept. It is going to be a bit bigger than the current model. The three doors trim would not available anymore. At the rear section, it is said that the tail lamps are most likely to be inspired from the recent A3 with an integrated roof spoiler. The colors that the new A1 is going to be released are yet to be announced.

2018 Audi A1 Price

2018AudiA1 Price

The base model is expected to start at around £15,000 ($18,825) and the top end model can fetch more than £23,000 ($28,865). The gas millage is said to be more than that of the current A1 because on the new efficient 1.5-Liter VW’s engine.

2018 Audi A1 Towing Capacity

The towing capacity is expected to be the same as that of the current A1, which is 610kg (1,345lbs).

The 2018 Audi A1 will be bigger in every aspect. It will not only have redesigned interior and exterior but also the new engine. It will be more fuel efficient and will have a new “Virtual Cockpit”.

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